Friday, April 8, 2011

A Short Weekend Vacation Surprise

My wife and I decided to get a sitter for the kids and go out for the night. We knew it has been a long time since we were together sexually so we lined up a sitter that could stay all night. This way we could go out, have a few drinks and stay at a motel so we didn’t have to drive.

In preparation for our short sex vacation, we also decided to go online and shop for some new adult toy to add a little flavor to our night. So after the kids went to bed, we both sat down at the computer and went online to our favorite adult toy store, the Orgasmic Toy Chest. It’s a nice site, clean and easy to use. They ship fast and all our stuff comes delivered in discreet packages so not even the mailman will know what we bought.

Anyway, we both decided to try this new item, new to us, called a We Vibe II. It’s really a unique looking item that we can use during intercourse. Just the thoughts of using this new toy stimulated us and we couldn’t wait till it arrived. We used rush shipping just to make sure it was here by the time we had our little weekend away.

When the time for our mini vacation arrived, with our new toy in hand, we left for our short weekend together. We started out by checking in to our hotel room first. My wife, a little shy about using toys suggested we go down to the hotel’s bar and get something to drink.

While at the bar, there was this guy checking out my wife. I didn’t want to ruin the mood by getting jealous and fitting with the guy, so I suggested to my wife that we invite him up to our room to share in the fun we were getting ready to have. I made the suggestion in a joking way but my wife actually liked the idea.

We actually did invite the other man to join us and I have to tell you, it was the most fun we have ever had. Each of us taking turn with my wife and then again while using our new we vibe. I have to say we never had sex last nearly as long as it did that night and when it was over, my wife told me she had some girlfriends that have mentioned they wanted to have a 3 way with us. So she told me next time was my turn. I can’t wait.

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